Menage a trois: marketing, psihoterapie, literatura

equilibrium and locus of control

  1. Because it is an illusion to think that you can determine the others to make a change for you.
  2. Because changing the others is a more or less subtle manner of manipulation.
  3. Not doing anything hoping the change will come from the other one, can only postpone a beneficial change.
  4. Because it is the only thing you can do, besides waiting endlessly for the rescue to come from outside of you.
  5. Because you can transform the things the way to want them to change.
  6. Because you, human being, are a fighter and a conqueror of unknown territories.
  7. Because only you know what you really want.
  8. Because the one sitting next to you can start his own change, just by seeing your courage to change yourself.
  9. Because one of the greatest illusions of mankind is to believe that, whilst people stop and think, time is waiting for them to make a decision.
  10. Simply because you can.

Comments on: "Why am I the one who has to change?" (1)

  1. […] will respond to the most frequent three questions I hear in my therapy office. About the first one (“Why am I the one who has to change?”) I wrote quite […]


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